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Your Solution to Biomechanical Pain

What is Hoshino Therapy?

Hoshino Therapy is a unique style of massage therapy which uses full hand contact with deep yet agreeable pressure to revitalize specific points along the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. The purpose of Hoshino Therapy is to relieve stress in the soft tissues and maintain or restore harmonious and pain-free movement to the joints, thereby reducing and eliminating pain.  The above process is complemented by specific range of motion exercises that greatly enhance the benefits of Hoshino Therapy when done daily.

Who can benefit from Hoshino Therapy?

Anyone who wants to be physically active and pain-free, and maintain this state indefinitely can benefit from Hoshino Therapy!  From growing pains to arthritis and many other musculoskeletal disorders such as repetitive motion syndromes, back and neck pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and deteriorating posture. These can benefit from Hoshino Therapy as well as the practical self-care information recommended by the therapist.

Our Services

Hoshino Therapy

Therapeutic Acupressure Massage for the prevention and solution of biomechanical pain.  Including athletic muscle injuries, sciatica, carpal tunnel, repetitive motion syndromes, as well as back, neck, and joint pain.


Deep Tissue Foot Massage

The feet are a perfect microcosm of all the organs, muscles, and skeletal structures of the body.  Precise pressure is applied to certain areas of the feet to achieve relief in the corresponding areas of the body, as well as improvement directly on the soft tissues of the feet.

Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy

The therapist helps you achieve optimal lymphatic circulation utilizing a high frequency electro-sound therapy machine. Assisting the lymphatic circulation helps to detoxify the body, reduce bloating and swelling, and improve immune function, among many other benefits.

Infrared sauna

An excellent complimentary treatment to the Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy. Settings range from stress relief to deep detox and cardio.  The infrared sauna can reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, improve skin's appearance, help detox heavy metals, and eliminate or reduce allergies.

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